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One of the best fishing spots in all of Texas is right here in Riviera. According to Game Warden Jason McFall, the last three state record Spotted Sea Trout were caught right here in Baffin Bay. The Sea Trout weighed just under 14 pounds and were about 34 inches long. This saltwater coastal bay (estuary) is one of the best fishing areas because it is one of the saltiest bays in the world and the coral rocks make it a perfect place for young fish to grow and stay. All fish that live and are caught in Baffin Bay had at one time traveled to the Gulf of Mexico.

For having such great fishing, Baffin Bay is not a very deep bay. The average depth of the bay is about 2 feet. There are some areas that are about 7 to 8 feet deep. One of the most unusual fish caught in the bay was the Rabbit Fish. Dolphins have also been spotted in the bay.

Sport fisherman like a variety of ways of catching fish. Early morning is perfect for wade fishing, late night is excellent for pier fishing but if you have a boat, the boat ramp provides an entrance to the Baffin Bay. The best spots to fish off of a boat are Carrales, Sandy Hook, Center Reef, Black Bluff and East Kleberg Point.

Thinking about catching a world record trout? Come to Riviera and fish at Baffin Bay.


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