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Cast 'n Stay is one mile North from Kings Inn

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There is a very famous restaurant in Riviera, Texas, called King's Inn. It has been here since 1945, which is 64 years of excellent food. The specialties of the house are sliced avocado salad, onion rings, and shrimp. The most famous people to eat there were George Strait, Governor George W. Bush, Matt Dillon, Betty White, and Nolan Ryan. The busiest time of the week is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. King's Inn gets their fish locally, and from other countries like Australia. King’s Inn invented this really good tartar sauce and Mr. Ware is the only one who knows the recipe.

Kings Inn Sea Food Restaurant
(361) 297-5265
Open Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am-10:00pm
Close Sunday & Monday

King's Inn serves about 30 thousand pounds of fish a year. This restaurant is located about 1 miles south of  “Cast ‘n Stay” on Highway 628. If you want really great seafood, head out to King's Inn.

CoMickey Riley  Owner/Manager

Cast 'n Stay

361- 297- 5636

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Capt. Mickey Riley  Owner/Manager